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Foie Gras Entier
Foie Gras Entier: Premium Whole Goose or Duck Foie Gras offers a complete line of carefully selected, traditionally flavored and naturally preserved foies gras entiers.

Foie gras entier is the purest form of foie gras. It consists of a whole foie gras that has been deveined, cleaned, seasoned and sterilized-cooked in its own fat, without any additives. It has a firm and dense texture and can be made of goose or duck liver, each fowl having its own refined taste.

Goose foie gras is generally considered more delicate than duck foie gras, because of its gentle and creamy taste. Moreover, goose liver is usually 50% bigger than duck liver. Nevertheless, goose foie gras is now becoming scarce as geese are more fragile and more delicate to handle than ducks.
Whole Goose Foie Gras

Whole goose liver in a glass jar
100% foie gras
Available sizes:
110 g - 39 EUR
200 g - 69 EUR

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Truffled Goose Foie Gras Pâté

Canned goose liver coated with pork pâté and covered with fine slices of black Périgord truffles
50% foie gras, 3% truffles
Available sizes:
130 g - 27 EUR
250 g - 47 EUR

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Duck foie gras is the most commonly consumed type of foie gras. It has a strong and rustic taste, widely influenced by its native soil. Duck foie gras is often considered to have a richer flavor than goose foie gras.
Whole Duck Foie Gras with Figs

Whole duck liver stuffed with fresh figs and flavored with Floc de Gascogne liqueur
85% foie gras, 15% figs
Available sizes:
200 g - 51 EUR

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Whole Duck Foie Gras

Whole duck liver in a glass jar
100% foie gras
Available sizes:
130 g - 38 EUR
180 g - 54 EUR

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